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Categories: Dining Table

Introducing our modern Tasmanian Oak Timber Dining Table, the epitome of sleek design fused with the unparalleled charm of nature. Designed for the contemporary home, this dining table offers a sublime balance of style and functionality, making it the centrepiece of any dining room.

Measuring a generous 2200mm x 1200mm x 760mm, this table comfortably seats eight, ensuring ample space for gatherings with family and friends. What sets it apart is the innovative double-sided extension feature, allowing flexibility for both intimate dinners and larger celebrations.

Crafted meticulously from the finest Tasmanian Oak, the table showcases the wood’s intrinsic beauty and grain patterns. Finished in a clear coat, the natural elegance of the timber takes centre stage, offering a tactile connection to nature while seamlessly blending with modern interiors.

Handcrafted in our factory here in Sydney and available to be custom-made into any size and colour from a huge range of timber provided by our selection.