Tasmanian Oak Timber Build-in Wall Unit WU-TOWW2

Discover our traditional Tasmanian Oak Timber Build-in Wall Unit, a magnificent amalgamation of timeless design, functionality, and unmatched quality. Expertly tailored for the discerning homeowner, this built-in wall unit is a statement piece, elevating your living room’s aesthetics to new heights.

Spanning a generous 5000mm x 2400mm x 450mm, this wall unit offers an abundance of storage solutions. With four easily accessible shelves, ten intricately designed doors that reveal additional shelving, every item, from your cherished mementos to multimedia essentials, finds a designated space. The inclusion of subtle lighting on the top panel not only illuminates your displayed artifacts but also adds a touch of elegance, perfect for setting an ambient mood.

Crafted from our top-quality Tasmanian Oak, the wall unit showcases the rich grain and texture of the timber. Enhanced with a white wash staining, it retains the natural allure of the wood while blending seamlessly into both traditional and modern living room decors.

Handcrafted in our factory here in Sydney and available to be custom made into any size and colour from a huge range of timber provided by our selection. 

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