Tasmanian Oak Timber Build-in Wall Unit WU-TOCH1

Introducing our premium Tasmanian Oak Timber Built-in Wall Unit, a perfect synergy of modern aesthetics and traditional timber craftsmanship. Designed as a functional centrepiece for your living room, this custom-made piece adds an elegant touch to any home interior.

Measuring 2000mm x 2400mm x 400mm, the bespoke wall unit seamlessly integrates with your living room layout, delivering a harmonious blend of style and functionality. With nine spacious upper shelves, it offers the perfect stage for your book collection, cherished family photos, or valuable collectibles.

At the heart of our built-in wall unit is the sideboard, featuring six robust doors that open to additional customisable shelves, providing a versatile storage solution for your multimedia items, tableware, or personal accessories.

Each unit is meticulously crafted from our top-quality Tasmanian oak, a highly durable and attractive timber renowned for its rich grain patterns and inherent strength. This unique wall unit underscores the beauty of natural wood, enhancing your living space’s warmth and ambience while ensuring longevity.

The built-in design ensures a smooth, clutter-free appearance, eliminating unsightly hardware or fixture and offering a hassle-free solution to elevate your home decor.

Elevate your living space with our Tasmanian Oak Timber Built-in Wall Unit, a testament to top-tier materials, innovative design, and expert craftsmanship. Discover the transformational power of bespoke wooden furniture today.

Handcrafted in our factory here in Sydney and available to be custom-made into any size and colour from a huge range of timber provided by our selection. 

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