Tasmanian Oak Pedestal Legs Dining table DT-PLTO02

Transform your dining experiences with our majestic Tasmanian Oak Pedestal Legs Dining Table. Crafted to comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests, this traditional-style dining table serves as the perfect centrepiece for your dining room, bringing families together for memorable meals.

Expertly constructed with dimensions of 3000mm x 1200mm x 780mm, the table provides ample space for festive feasts, intimate dinners, or casual everyday meals. The standout feature of this dining table is its beautifully designed pedestal legs, an ode to traditional craftsmanship that adds a timeless charm to any dining space.

Each of our dining tables is handcrafted from premium Tasmanian Oak, revered for its exceptional durability and striking grain patterns. The natural warmth and character of this high-quality timber enhance the welcoming ambience of your dining room, promising a lifetime of shared meals and conversations.

Experience the fusion of function, style, and traditional craftsmanship with our Tasmanian Oak Pedestal Legs Dining Table. A perfect testament to the timeless appeal of bespoke wooden furniture, this dining table is sure to make every meal a special occasion.

Handcrafted in our factory here in Sydney and available to be custom-made into any size and colour from a huge range of timber provided by our selection. 

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